Beauty salon Watai has a good reputation in Jiyugaoka

We provide world-class high-grade treatments

Watai, who runs a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, offers a wide variety of treatment menus including cuts and colors, and has various commitments to each treatment, and strives to provide high-quality finishes every day. .. For this reason, we have earned the trust of many customers.
We also consider it important to deal with customers sincerely in a pleasant atmosphere, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can feel free to talk to us. We will continue to do our best to provide a place where as many people as possible can visit, so please use it.


Beauty salons of Jiyugaoka has a reputation for high-grade treatment

We look forward to welcoming you


    Stylish with highly reproducible cuts

    The design cut is a cut that fits the customer's skeleton, resulting in a highly complete finish. We will endeavor to meet each customer's request, so if you have a hairstyle that you are interested in, please ask the staff

    Proposing a hair color that suits each customer

    If you want to keep your hair fashionable, but you're worried that you can't enjoy it because the color is damaged, why not color your hair in a way that doesn't damage it as much as possible? Many customers have been pleased with this color treatment.

    Let us help you straighten any kind of hair

    We have a hair straightening menu that uses 3 or more types of commercial agents on average. In addition, we also accept consultations on partial correction according to each customer's request, so please feel free to contact our staff. We will propose a recommended style.

It is a beauty salon that is popular with many people in Jiyugaoka

If you have hair problems, please contact the staff.

  • * Top Director nomination will be + ¥ 3,300.

  • ※ visit us the second and subsequent will be free.

  • Shampoo and hairblow included

  • ※ pre-treatment free of charge to all of treatment


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Beauty salon name



2-25-7 Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo La cour Jiyugaoka B Building 2F

Business hours

10:00 〜 20:00

Regular holiday

1st and 3rd Monday / Tuesday


It is a high-end salon that has been involved in external seminars and product development for many years. We are proud of our high technology in all treatments, such as cuts that provide services beyond what our customers have requested, and inspiring colors that we have learned because we have trained overseas. Please come to Watai, where you can enjoy shopping around Jiyugaoka Station on your way home from the treatment at the beauty salon.

Original Haircare

Watai original hair care products

All products contain botanical ingredients

Gentle on hair and skin because it is a professional salon
We are happy to provide the product.


Watai, a beauty salon popular with many people in Jiyugaoka

High-quality treatments are popular at the hottest beauty salons in Jiyugaoka

At Watai, a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, we not only strive for world-class high-grade treatments, but also actively propose various treatments so that our customers can enjoy fashionable hair design more than anyone else. Therefore, those who are worried about the use or who are worried about the treatment content can feel free to come. We have staff with abundant experience in treatment. We also have a lot of experience in external seminars and product development, so we recommend it to those who are particular about hairstyles and those who want to find a hairstyle that suits them best.
In the future, we will not only perform careful treatments, but also provide smooth guidance and customers can feel free to talk about anything so that as many customers as possible can enjoy a rich treatment menu such as cuts, colors, perms and treatments. We will do our best to create an environment, so please use Wata once. You can also make a reservation for your visit by phone. We look forward to welcoming you all.

You can feel free to visit Watai, a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka.

The beauty salon, which is a hot topic in Jiyugaoka, strives to provide high-quality treatments even from a global perspective, so we would like to thank many customers who have used it so far for their deep trust and joy. I did. In addition, each of the menus prepared by Watai has a thorough commitment, and we try to carefully perform the treatment in every detail, such as proposing hairstyles according to the skeleton and contour of each customer. Therefore, we will listen closely to those who have problems with their own hair that are not understood by people and those who have various requests regarding hairstyles and finishes, so please talk to the staff about anything.
Not only can you enjoy high-quality treatments and finishes, but we also strive to provide polite customer service and support. In addition, since the treatment is performed according to the condition of each person's hair, anyone can visit with confidence regardless of gender or age. We will continue to devote ourselves to improving the service so that it can be used by as many customers as possible, so please feel free to visit us.