It's a beauty salon right next to Jiyugaoka Station, so it's easy to access

Watai, a beauty salon within walking distance of Jiyugaoka Station, makes full use of world-class high technology in all menus such as cuts and treatments to beautifully finish your hair. Instead of cutting with a line, we use a technology that cuts so that the dots are connected according to the skeleton. In addition, the treatment will be centered around KERASTASE, which was born in Paris in 1964, and will solve the problems of the customer's hair and scalp while making it as close as possible to the customer's ideal hair quality image.
In addition, straightening curly hair, which uses three or more types of agents according to the customer's hair quality, does not just straighten the hair, but makes it look like natural hair, and from the point of grasping the condition of the hair. We will propose a color to start that can firmly correct the customer's complexion and contour. We believe that beauty is polished by hair and mind, and it is Watai's mission to provide customers with the most beautiful hair design in each season by providing high quality products in all technologies. Watai, which is the best store in the area due to its decent technology and good customer service, is looking forward to your visit, so please feel free to visit us.

For beauty salons in Jiyugaoka, go to Watai, which boasts the latest techniques


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2-25-7 Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo La cour Jiyugaoka B Building 2F

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Business hours

10:00 〜 20:00

Regular holiday

1st and 3rd Monday / Tuesday


It is a high-end salon that has been involved in external seminars and product development for many years. We are proud of our high technology in all treatments, such as cuts that provide services beyond what our customers have requested, and inspiring colors that we have learned because we have trained overseas. Please come to Watai, where you can enjoy shopping around Jiyugaoka Station on your way home from the treatment at the beauty salon.

Speaking of technology beauty salons that can be convinced in Jiyugaoka, Watai

A hair salon with the best technology in the area and polite customer service

The beauty salon, which is a hot topic in Jiyugaoka, strives to provide high-quality treatments even from a global perspective, so many customers who have used it so far have expressed their deep trust and joy. I've come. In addition, the menus prepared by Watai have a thorough commitment to each one, and we try to carefully perform the treatment in detail according to the customer's skeleton and contour. Therefore, it can be easily used by those who have problems with their hair, as well as those who have various requests regarding hairstyles and finishes.
At the beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, we not only enjoy high-quality treatments and finishes, but we also strive to provide polite customer service and support so that we can talk about any requests that our customers have. In addition, since the treatment is performed according to the condition of each person's hair, anyone can visit with confidence regardless of gender or age. We will continue to devote ourselves to improving the service so that it can be used by as many people as possible, so please feel free to contact Watai, a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, if you have any questions about hair.

Among the many fashionable beauty salons, Watai's interior is stylish and luxurious, and we are operating as a salon that is most satisfying to our customers. This Watai is a salon opened by Taketo Watai, a hairdresser who produces the most beautiful hair in Japan, and you can create a hairstyle that fits your image by making full use of the high technology acquired in New York. My specialty is highlights and foreign-style colors. First of all, highlights can be added in a different way from normal foil work.

For foreign-style color, we think about how to make hair that tends to hurt when it is colored beautiful without damaging it, and after analyzing the hair quality of our customers, we propose a method to achieve the desired color. In addition, Sammy Treatment, which prepares hair fibers by selecting and treating hair that is suitable for the customer from hundreds of patterns, and perms that can be easily reproduced in home care, etc. We have prepared various menus to make from. Please experience the beauty that you can easily set every morning with the cuts and perms that are more beautiful than anyone else and have high reproducibility, and you can enjoy it as entertainment.