We welcome you with carefully selected furniture and stylish interiors.

We are particular about the "in-store atmosphere" that is often emphasized when looking for a store, and Watai welcomes customers with carefully selected furniture and interior decoration.
In her blog, I will tell you about the salon as much as possible so that new customers can receive the treatment without getting nervous. We recommend that you visit the blog page before visiting the store, as you can feel the friendliness and technical strength of the store. Please enjoy the messages such as unique stylists and color lists.

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    こんにちは。   自由が丘の美容室”Watai"です。   今回は”Watai”のヘアカラーのこだわりをお伝えさせて頂きたいと思います。   お客様にご提案させて...

Watai is a hair salon that is talked about as having world-class technology. Our stylists and colorists, who are educated by the owners who are top stylists trained in New York, will faithfully shape the customer's desire to correct the complexion and make the hairstyle match the shape of the face.
In addition, by choosing furniture that will give more customers a luxurious experience and by finishing the interior fashionably, we will create an atmosphere suitable for a beauty salon in the gorgeous city of Jiyugaoka, and the style we were looking for is a reality. We have made it a boost to the excitement. We will help customers to beautify the entire salon, so after leaving the store, you will surely feel like you have never been back. Please take a look at the blog before coming to the store and enjoy the store and the cheerful staff.