Enjoy the beautiful hairstyles of the four seasons at the beauty salon in Jiyugaoka

At Watai, which runs a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, we are committed to the details of our treatment because we want our customers to enjoy the most beautiful hairstyles. In addition, the staff with abundant treatment history will firmly grasp the habit and pain of the customer's hair, and will propose the treatment that we think is most suitable for each person.
We will continue to strive to improve treatment and customer service so that many people can trust and use it with peace of mind, so if you have any concerns about hair such as hairstyles, please leave it to us.

If you have any questions about hair in Jiyugaoka, please contact the beauty salon Watai

At the beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, we take great care in dealing with each and every customer in order to deliver a high-quality finish, so you can feel free to discuss any inquiries or requests regarding hair. In addition to creating the ideal hairstyle for our customers, we are also focusing on proposing the optimal treatment that suits each individual's contour and hair quality. Therefore, even those who are worried about the menu to be used can leave it to us with confidence.
In the future, Watai will continue to focus on creating a relaxing space and pleasant customer service, and strive to be a reliable place for as many people as possible. You can enjoy a high-grade finish that is hard to reach in Japan, so if you are interested, please try it once.

The beauty salon in Jiyugaoka is conveniently located for access

It is easily accessible from the city center and is easily accessible from the nearest station. Therefore, it is convenient to use from various areas, mainly those who live in the neighborhood. In addition, we are open in a location where various stores are lined up in the surrounding area, so even first-time visitors can feel free to visit us.
In addition to being open for a long time from morning to night, we also open early in the morning upon request, so those who want to set and arrange their hair on an important day can use it. We are also looking forward to your consultation. We will continue to do our utmost to provide high-quality treatments and customer service so that as many customers as possible can always leave their hair to us with peace of mind, so please feel free to visit us.

If you are looking for a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, please use Watai

It is natural to meet the needs of our customers, but Watai offers high-level treatments that you can experience, so if you want to get beautiful hair and hairstyles, please come and visit us. We do not just cut or color your hair, but we also perform treatments so that you can enjoy a beautiful and highly reproducible design from any angle.
In addition, we have made every effort to bring our customers' hair closer to their ideal hairstyle and quality without damaging it as much as possible. In addition to making use of our abundant treatment experience and experience in product development, we will strive to provide a high-quality finish from appearance to touch with cutting-edge techniques and carefully selected chemicals, so hair. Please feel free to contact us.

Jiyugaoka's beauty salons are popular for their special cuts and colors.

We offer hospitality that thoroughly focuses on the medicines used at the time of treatment from the time of reservation before the treatment so that as many customers as possible will be satisfied after the treatment and will be able to return home with a smile. In addition, the staff who have abundant experience in treating overseas people will perform treatments such as color and straightening that are considered to be the most appropriate for Japanese hair quality, and each customer's ideal We are trying to reach the limit, so you can enjoy a high level of finish that you can't find anywhere else.
In addition, Watai is also popular for its cut menu, which allows you to enjoy unique reproducibility. With delicate cut lines, we will deliver hairstyles that are as close to each customer's skeleton and request as possible, so if you are interested, please consider using it.

Watai's blog, a reliable beauty salon in Jiyugaoka

The popular beauty salon in Jiyugaoka is working hard every day to improve its skills so that it can perform world-class treatments. Therefore, we will provide high quality finish that meets each customer's hair quality and request. In addition, we are particular about the coloring agents and treatment agents used, and we are also paying attention to reducing the damage to the hair as much as possible, so please feel free to contact us for consultations and requests from those who suffer from hair pain. It is possible.
Watai will continue to distribute blogs so that it can be a place where many people, mainly local people, can easily visit. We will endeavor to distribute information that will be useful to a wide range of customers, not only those who are already using it, but also those who are worried about coming to the store, so please also read the blog if you are interested in hair or treatment.