The beauty salon in Jiyugaoka cuts along the skeleton

Watai, which runs a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, is recommended for those who want to enjoy regular makeovers because it minimizes damage even for fragile treatments by repeatedly coloring and perming. Top stylists with abundant experience in treating foreigners with different hair qualities and habits are in charge of the treatment. Therefore, you can rest assured that you can leave hair color and cuts that did not go well at other stores.
In addition, we will cut it into the most beautiful form along the skeleton of each customer, so please experience it.

If you want to go to the beauty salon of the best store in the area in Jiyugaoka

We recommend Watai to determine the condition of your hair and make it the best hair color. We will select the most suitable hair product while imagining the cuticle, medula, and cortex according to the state of the melanin pigment that is different for each person. After that, we select the chemicals to be used so that they are close to the hair color that the customer wants to be, and combine them to create an original color.
In addition, since it supports a wide range from dark tones to high tones, it is perfect for those who want to enjoy a makeover. We will propose a color that matches your image and skin color, so please feel free to contact us even if you are having difficulty deciding on your own. We will take the time to discuss the counseling, and we will treat you so that you can get closer to the image you want to be, so you can leave it to us with confidence until the end, so if you want to experience the skills of experienced top stylists, please come and visit us.

Why don't you make a nice hairstyle at the beauty salon in Jiyugaoka?

From short hair to long hair, we offer hairstyles that suit your tastes. Our highly technical staff can handle a wide range of hairstyles, so even those who are particular about hairstyles will surely be satisfied. In order to adjust the hairstyle to suit the customer's atmosphere and skeleton, we have finished the design with reproducibility in mind, not just cutting the hair, so it is difficult to understand the hairstyle so far. We would like to leave it to those who want to change their image and those who want to change their image.
At Watai, we use perfect techniques to exceed the customer's request, finish the hairstyle beautiful from any angle, and propose fashionable hairstyles that incorporate trends, so live nearby. If you are thinking of haircutting, please come and visit us.

How about a head spa where you work on your scalp and hair at a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka?

In addition to the major cut and color menus, we also offer a head spa, so if you would like to take care of your scalp, please feel free to ask the staff. Since it is very important for beautiful hair to have a healthy scalp, we offer a head spa that can clean the scalp. It is a popular menu for customers of all ages, as it uses professional skills to remove stains that cannot be completely removed with daily shampoo, allowing you to experience a clean finish.
We value a calm atmosphere so that our customers can relax and receive a head spa, so we can spend a relaxing time and it is easy to incorporate for regular hair care. In addition to the head spa, we also perform various treatments to care for your hair, so if you are concerned about hair damage, please consider making a reservation with Watai.

It is used by those who want to receive high-quality treatment.

If you want to go to a beauty salon around Jiyugaoka, Watai, where you can experience world-class high-grade treatments, is recommended because it brings out the charm of each customer and gives them a color and perm that suppresses damage. Watai is a perfect hair salon for those who want to enjoy fashion even as they get older, where they can forget about their daily lives and receive high-quality treatments in a relaxed atmosphere.
In addition, you can experience the treatment unique to a highly skilled stylist, such as identifying different hair qualities and hair conditions and combining chemicals. We will propose the most suitable hairstyle according to your lifestyle and help you to change your image to become a new self. Whether you are a regular customer or a first-time user, we will carefully and firmly counsel you on what kind of hairstyle you want, so please feel free to come.







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1st and 3rd Monday / Tuesday


It is a high-end salon that has been involved in external seminars and product development for many years. We are proud of our high technology in all treatments, such as cuts that provide services beyond what our customers have requested, and inspiring colors that we have learned because we have trained overseas. Please come to Watai, where you can enjoy shopping around Jiyugaoka Station on your way home from the treatment at the beauty salon.