The staff of Watai, a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, is world-class

The beauty salon Watai is located in Jiyugaoka and is talked about because it is owned by a world-class top stylist. In addition, since the owner educates other staff, the shop itself continues to grow as a salon that makes full use of world-class technology. Once you receive the treatment, you will realize that the level is by far the highest among the beauty salons in Jiyugaoka.
Please feel free to visit the high-quality salon that the owner has fully opened.

Cut with the image of connecting points without capturing the place to cut with a line

The cut of Watai, a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, considers the place to cut each hair as a point, and by connecting the points, we will determine the line to cut, so just cut it and cut it. Is a bit different. If you order one length, you don't think of it as a one-length shape, and if you order a layer, you think of it as a layer shape. It's done.
In addition, it is very easy to maintain because it is highly reproducible when set by yourself, and the beautiful style that is reproduced makes you impressed every morning before going out. It is this cutting technology that gives a crush to lighten the hearts of customers by finishing more beautifully than other stores with a finish that exceeds the demand. Please come and experience this feeling that only those who have undergone the treatment performed with the perfect technique can understand.

Color without damaging hair at Watai, a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka

Before deciding on the color, we will provide counseling and propose a hair product that suits your hair condition. Hair has a three-layer structure of cuticle, cortex, and medura from the outside, and Japanese people have different states and individual differences in the amount of melanin pigment that determines the color of the hair. Look at the density of.

It is not always suitable for other people's hair quality even if it is a color treatment method that hardly damages one person's hair quality, so the degree of metal ion adhesion, damage level, hair density You need to find out. In addition, foil work that adds contrast to the entire hair with two or more colors is done in an incredible way. Experience the impressive finish with this technique that you learned only because you went to New York, which you could never reach if you had been training in Japan.

Watai, a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, solves hair problems

The staff is particularly good at solving hair problems, and we are incorporating new genres of treatments as well as regular treatments and straightening. Unlike hair straightening, which breaks the cystine bond with a drug and straightens it and then recombines it, acid heat treatment straightens the hair by straightening the fiber, so damage to the hair when the bond is broken There is no.
However, with Watai, hair straightening also considers the thickness and damage of the hair, so you can receive it with confidence, and it is also possible to eliminate the unnaturalness and make the finish close to the natural hair. Regular treatments are also centered around KERASTASE, which is rarely used in Japan, and the content of the origin of the beauty treatment salon brings it as close as possible to the ideal hair quality image. We are waiting for those who have been suffering from hair quality for many years to try it once, so please use it.

The beauty salon in Jiyugaoka is conveniently located for access

Watai, a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, is easily accessible from the city center and can be easily reached from the nearest station. Therefore, it is convenient to use from various areas, mainly those who live in the neighborhood. In addition, we are open in a location where various stores are lined up in the surrounding area, so even first-time visitors can feel free to visit us.
In addition to being open for a long time from morning to night, we also open early in the morning upon request, so those who want to set and arrange their hair on an important day can use it. We are also looking forward to your consultation. We will continue to do our utmost to provide high-quality treatments and customer service so that as many customers as possible can always leave their hair to us with peace of mind, so please feel free to visit us.











2-25-7 Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo La cour Jiyugaoka B Building 2F


10:00 〜 20:00


1st and 3rd Monday / Tuesday


It is a high-end salon that has been involved in external seminars and product development for many years. We are proud of our high technology in all treatments, such as cuts that provide services beyond what our customers have requested, and inspiring colors that we have learned because we have trained overseas. Please come to Watai, where you can enjoy shopping around Jiyugaoka Station on your way home from the treatment at the beauty salon.