Customers of all ages visit the beauty salon in Jiyugaoka

If you live in Jiyugaoka and are looking for a beauty salon, Watai, which performs various treatments such as cut, color, perm, gray hair dyeing and highlighting, is recommended because it is a high grade by the world standard.
Watai, which has been used by customers of all ages since its opening, is carefully treated by utilizing its reliable technology and abundant experience. We try to minimize the damage, so if you are worried about which hair salon to go to, please come visit us.

If you want to go to a beauty salon around Jiyugaoka

Watai, where you can experience world-class high-grade treatments, will bring out the charm of each customer and offer colors and perms that suppress damage. When you step inside the shop, you can forget about your daily life and receive high-quality treatment in a relaxed atmosphere. Such a luxurious hair salon is the perfect hair salon for those who want to enjoy fashion even as they get older.
In addition, you can experience the treatment unique to a highly skilled stylist, such as identifying different hair qualities and hair conditions and combining chemicals. We will propose the most suitable hairstyle according to your lifestyle and help you to change your image to become a new self. Whether you are a regular customer or a first-time user, we will carefully and firmly counsel you on what kind of hairstyle you want, so please feel free to come.

If you are looking for a beauty salon near Jiyugaoka, go to Watai

At Watai, a hair salon where you can experience world-class high-grade treatments, you can color and perm while caring for your hair and scalp, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy various hairstyles with minimal damage. In addition to the standard cuts, colors, and perms, the menu offers a wide range of services such as hair aesthetics and hair quality improvement, so it has been well received by many customers for its total finish. Therefore, many of the customers who have used the trial once are satisfied with the high quality treatment and become repeaters.
In addition, since it is a hair salon that has a lot of experience of foreigners, we can handle not only Japanese people but also people from various countries, and we have been able to make hairstyles that make the most of habits and hair quality. I have made a proposal. We try to deal with each and every customer carefully, so if you live nearby, please come visit us.

Watai runs a high-grade beauty salon in Jiyugaoka

Of course, you can experience world-class technology, but we also provide services that satisfy both customer service and treatment, so if you are looking for a hair salon that has a good atmosphere and adults can go to with peace of mind, please visit us once. .. The menu includes not only cuts, colors and perms, but also various hair menus such as treatments and head spas, and is used by customers of all ages, mainly those living in the area.
In addition, since every menu is designed to minimize damage, it is possible to finish it while maintaining its beauty even when using high-tone colors such as highlights. Watai, which makes use of the high technology and experience it has cultivated so far, has been well-received because it is not easily damaged even after repeated color and perm. We will propose hairstyles that bring out the charm of our customers, so please leave it to us.

Cut with the image of connecting points without capturing the place to cut with a line

The cut of Watai, a beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, considers the place to cut each hair as a point, and by connecting the points, we will determine the line to cut, so just cut it and cut it. Is a bit different. If you order one length, you don't think of it as a one-length shape, and if you order a layer, you think of it as a layer shape. It's done.
In addition, it is very easy to maintain because it is highly reproducible when set by yourself, and the beautiful style that is reproduced makes you impressed every morning before going out. It is this cutting technology that gives a crush to lighten the hearts of customers by finishing more beautifully than other stores with a finish that exceeds the demand. Please come and experience this feeling that only those who have undergone the treatment performed with the perfect technique can understand.