Various menus are available for many people to use

At the beauty salon that has a good reputation in Jiyugaoka, we have prepared various menus so that as many people as possible can use it regardless of age or gender. In addition, from the desire to be as close to each customer's various requests and concerns as possible, we have been particular about each menu and have tried to perform treatments with careful attention to detail.
We will continue to improve our technology every day to provide the best finish, so please use it.

Jiyūgaoka no miyōshitsu de wārudokurasu no shijutsu o Enjoy world-class treatment at the beauty salon in Jiyugaoka

At Watai, we not only take customer requests and consultations seriously, but also propose menus and treatments that suit each individual's hair quality and skeleton. We also have a large number of menus such as carefully selected cuts and colors, as well as perms that make full use of the latest technology, so even those who have the ideal hairstyle and hair can use it with confidence.
In addition, the staff who perform the treatment have a long history of treatment not only for Japanese but also for people from various countries, and have abundant experience and skill. Therefore, it is possible to provide world-class treatments and high-quality finishes that are difficult to experience in Japan. We will perform treatments that suit each customer in a store with a sense of security, so please feel free to talk about hair.

At the beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, we will cut according to the skeleton.

The popular cut menu requested by many customers is tailored to the skeleton and contour, so we can meet each customer's request. You can also enjoy the delicate and moving cut lines that you can hardly experience at other stores. In addition, we will not only strive to improve our technology every day so that we can provide quality that exceeds the demands of our customers, but we will also thoroughly focus on details such as one length and layers.
We will continue to deliver high-level hairstyles from around the world so that as many customers as possible will be pleased. We also have a cozy environment where even first-time visitors can feel free to consult with us, so please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries regarding treatments centered on cutting or requests regarding hair or scalp.

You can also enjoy highlighting at the beauty salon in Jiyugaoka

At Watai, which is trusted by many customers for its high-quality treatment, coloring is popular so that you can enjoy a beautiful finish without damaging your hair as much as possible. In order to use the most suitable treatments and chemicals for your hair, we also have a counseling time to check the quality and condition of your hair at the first time, so even those who are new to the store can leave it to us with confidence. ..
In addition, instead of simply changing the color of the hair, we are making daily efforts to correct the complexion and contours, so we would like to give a different impression to the surroundings by coloring. We also recommend the use of those who think that. We will continue to do our best to satisfy as many customers as possible, so if you want to dye your hair, please give it a try.