Please feel free to contact us as we will deal with the problems of damaged hair.

At the Jiyugaoka beauty salon, we offer a variety of treatment menus from the desire to be as close as possible to those who are suffering from damaged hair or who want tension and elasticity. Among them, the new genre of heat-resistant treatment, which is attracting attention around the world, will make each hair beautiful while properly adjusting the fibers of the hair, so you can enjoy the impressive finish.
We will continue to work closely with our customers to deal with their concerns, so please contact our staff if you have any concerns regarding treatments or hair pain.

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    Taketo Watai

    Top Director We propose highly reproducible designs that match your life work
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    You Toda

    [Long & Bob style design color treatment] Please leave it to us for long & bob style. We will definitely match it according to your lifestyle and atmosphere. I myself have long hair for many years,...
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    中尾 祐太

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    早坂 匠

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    I also work as a hairdresser for photography, so I think I may change it in a hurry when making a reservation. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you! Also, please note that coloring and...
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    湯口 阿希子

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    野田 かおり

The beauty salon, Watai, has been proactively adopting various treatment methods and drugs so that we can provide high-level treatments and finishes in Jiyugaoka, and we have taken great care in dealing with each and every customer seriously. It was. In addition, we have a good reputation for treatments that incorporate Kerastase, a hair esthetic brand with a long history in Paris, so it can be easily used by those who have problems with the scalp as well as the hair.
At the beauty salon in Jiyugaoka, we do our best every day so that each customer can get as close as possible to their needs and beautiful hair. Some customers come to the store regularly for treatments, and the menu is highly trusted, so if you are interested, please use the treatment menu once.